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        飛捷熱庫Hot library
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        • 杭州飛捷研發的高新技術產品,采用飛捷熱堆技術,利用谷電加熱及蓄熱方式形成熱源,通水產生蒸汽,以較少的能源消耗,滿足非谷電期間蒸汽供應需要??商娲济?/span>/燃氣/電蒸汽發生器。

          The high-tech products developed by Hangzhou Phase Change  adopt Flyjet thermal reactor technology, use valley electricity heating and heat storage to form a heat source, pass water to generate steam, and use less energy consumption to meet the steam supply needs during non-grain electricity periods. It can replace coal/gas/electric steam generators. 

          性 能 特 點

          Performance characteristics


              Zero emission, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, small land occupation;

          (2)利用谷電蓄熱,用電時間短(≤8 小時);按需取汽,使用靈活;

              Utilize valley electricity to store heat, and the electricity time is short (≤8 hours); steam can be taken on demand, and it can be used flexibly;


              Simple structure, safe operation, stable and reliable, intelligent control, automatic operation and convenient operation;


              It is not a special equipment, it is easy to install, it can be used as long as it is connected to the water source and power source.

          數   Technical Parameters

          經濟性對比  Economic comparison


          圍  Applicable range


                 It is suitable for the supporting use of dry cleaning machines, dryers, washing machines, dehydrators, ironing machines, irons, etc. in the washing and ironing industry; supporting use of labeling machines and sleeve labeling machines in the packaging machinery industry; fermentation tanks in the biochemical industry Supporting use of reaction kettle, jacketed pot, mixer, emulsifier, etc.; supporting use of tofu machine, steaming box, sterilization tank, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine, etc. in the food machinery industry; other industries such as (oil field, automobile) steam cleaning Industry, (hotel, dormitory, school, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance, sauna bathing, heat exchange equipment.